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manufactures mainly by OEM/ ODM high-tech products for the IT computer market, industrial market, and security market mainly. For security industry, 3JTech not only provides hardware but also the server solution for our customers to do the recurring revenue business.
Lead by Dr. Wen J Whan, the company started out in 1977 as a geophysics company (GeoPacific Resources, Inc.) developing instruments and tools for oil and geothermal searching. Through the same concept, communication products could be developed; thus, in 1988, 3JTech was transformed into developing products of such kind. At first, 3JTech was dedicated in Macintosh and PC peripherals for the Information Technology and industrial market. In 1996, security products were added to the product line.

Manufacture Facility
3JTech currently has one SMT line and one DIP production line in Taipei County twenty five minutes from its main office. It also has a DIP and testing production line in Kaohsiung which is about 300 kilometers south of Taipei. It also has the procurement and the third R&D center in Shenzhen, China. With over 15 year production experience, 3JTech is the partner you could trust.


Dun and Bradstreet number: 656415791
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Human Resources
Almost 80% of the human resources are with technical background. Of the 80%, 40% are dedicated to the Research & Develop department lead by Dr. Wen J Whan. With our strong and superior technology background, 3JTech strives to evolve around our customer's specific needs.

Products and Solution
Through OEM/ ODM and business partners, 3JTech provides not only hardware but also solutions to the customers worldwide. The company is devoted to maximum customer satisfaction.


Main Office:No.342, Fu-Hsing N. Rd.,2F, Taipei 104, Taiwan
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