Introduction to 3JTech
   Lead by Dr. Wen J Whan, the company was        
established in 1980 in Denver, USA as a 
      geophysical company (GeoPacific Resources, Inc.)
      developing Electromagnetic instruments and tools
      for oil and geothermal searching. 

   • In 1988, 3JTech was established in Taiwan for IT  
products. From 2010, 3JTech start developing new  
unconventional exploration systems: 

   • Onshore Exploration System (MTSeis Array) 

   • Seabed logger (μVEL) 

   • Marine Controlled Source EM for direct Hydrocarbon 
      Detection (VEL) From 2017, 3JTech has identified and 
      started developing several geothermal blocks in
 Taiwan .

 3JTech Co., Ltd.

              3JTech Co., Ltd.: Taipei, Taiwan 
                             Main office and RD Group No. 1
              3JTech Shenzhen China Co., Ltd.: Shenzhen China    
             Factory: New Taipei City 
                           SMT Production and OEM/ ODM RD Group 
                          Rapid Plastic Housing Design and Prototyping   
Reliability Lab. & Factory 2:
 Kaohsiung County, Taiwan 

       Internet Management Information System: 
ISO 9001 Certified