Product Description for pan_eCAMit T

pan_eCAMit T is an IP Camera with a CMOS image sensor and 360 o rotating. It is a stand alone camera with Internet accessibility using dynamic IP. Just connect it to the Ethernet port of the network switch or router. When the camera is triggered by the 48 zone motion detection or external device like the contact sensor, it will send emails with JPEG attachments to you. You could also view the site and rotate the camera from anywhere in the world as long as you could connect to the internet with your PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone or MIPD2.0 Mobile phone.

General Features

The camera uses our proprietary worldwide free IP gatekeeper for dynamic IP to make the cameras plug and play. There would be no setup needed between the router and the cameras. They are specially designed for managing and marketing your business and could also be scheduled to enter into security mode or activate the security mode remotely by mobile phone. The general features are:

  • 48 Zone selectable motion detection
  • Built in real time clock for scheduling security mode, recording
  • Patented Plug and Play for multiple cameras using dynamic IP
  • Encrypted data
  • View from PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone and Java phone
  • Optional Remote Camera Services for you to generate monthly recurring revenue
  • Send e-mail upon motion detection or optional external trigger, e.g.: contact sensor

Special Features for pan_eCAMit T

  • Rotate the camera from remote PC, Pocket PC, smartphone and MIDP2.0 Java phone

Application Software

    • Use a PC with Windows Application Software or Internet Explorer to view the cameras peer to peer without the data going through a server.
    • Use eCAMit T Java Midlet for the MIDP2.0 Java phones to view, activate, deactivate the camera peer to peer without the data going through a server.
    • Use eCAMit T AP for Pocket PC to view the cameras peer to peer without the data going through a server.
    • Windows Application Software ( eCAMit Deluxe AP ) Features:
      i.  Schedule security mode daily or weekly
      ii.  Schedule auto-recording daily or weekly
      iii. Snapshot
      iv. Replay recorded images
              v. Up to sixteen cameras display on Windows based Application Software

Specifications of pan_eCAMit T

    • Power consumption: 5V DC, ~270 mA still, 300 mA rotating
    • Pan Speed: 21 to 10.5 degree/second
    • Cable Connections:
      RJ45 for Ethernet 10BaseT
      RJ12 connector for 5V DC/90~240V AC
      DB15 for RS232 for parameters setup through a Windows based software.
    • Motion detection sensitivity: High, Medium, and Low
    • Motion Detection Zones: 48
    • Internet Protocol for IP connection: UDP
    • UDP Port Used: any plus the last field of the IP (firewall, if any, has to allow these ports to go through)
    • Transmission Speed:
      High Resolution (640x480): maximum 6 frames/second
      Medium Resolution (320x240): maximum 10 frames/second
      Low Resolution (160x120): maximum 15 frames/second
    • Camera Specification:
      CMOS Camera support Specification: 300K pixels, 1/3
      S/N Ratio: > 48dB
      Gamma Correction: 0.45
      Min. Illumination: <2.5 lux @ f2.0
      Default Lens: (others are available as optional Lens .)
      Focal Length 6mm
      Back Focal Length 5.8mm
      Aperture F 2
      Angle of View (DIA) 70o
    • Operation Environment:

                    Temperature: 0oC~55oC Humidity: 85% relative at 25oC

      Weight: 150g
              Dimension: 10cm x 13.5cm x 15cm